All the dresses you see online are dresses we have in store available to order. Our selection of dresses goes well beyond this. 

In store

We have hundreds of dresses available for purchase in varying silhouettes, colours, and sizes. Not all the dresses we have in store are online, but they are all available to purchase off the rack, many of which are on sale. We have three separate sections of which the dresses are not online: one regular price and two sale sections. These sections vary colours and sizes, with the smallest being 000 and the largest in store at size 24, so we have something for everyone.


The dresses seen online can all be ordered in varying sizes and colours. These typically take anywhere from 5 weeks to 5 months to order in. On the product pages online, you will see the alternate colour choices and the sizes. We are lucky to carry designers who are incredibly inclusive in sizing, with options from as small as 000 and going up to size 32.

Additionally, the dresses on our website are a small selection of what our designers have created for the grad season. The dresses online are what we have in store for our customers to try and buy from.

Did you see a dress on the website of one of our designers, but it’s not on our website? That’s not a problem. We won’t have the dress in store for you to try on before ordering, but any dress on our designer’s website, we should be able to order it for you. The only time we can’t is if the dress is no longer being made, there is no stock, or the dress won’t arrive in time for your event.

The takeaway

The selection seen online is what we have in store available to order, but ultimately is a small sample of everything we have available. Any dress seen on one of our designer’s websites is available to order. We won’t have a sample in store if it is not on our website, but we should be able to order it for you. We recommend stopping by our store to browse our entire selection of dresses as we have hundreds in store for purchase.