How much do your dresses cost?

The dresses we carry in store range in price from $300 up to $1400. Within this range, we have our sale dresses and our order dresses. 

Sale Dresses

Our sale dresses start around $300 and go up in price from there; some are as much as 50% off their regular price. All the dresses in the sale section are previous in-store sample dresses that can no longer be ordered. All sale dresses are sold in “as is” condition and discounted accordingly. The condition of sale dresses vary, but everything there can be repaired to “like new” condition in alterations.
This is a great section to look through for beautiful designer dresses while still keeping to a tight budget.

Order Dresses

Our orderable dresses typically range from $400 up to $1400. The average price of our dresses falls between $600 to $700. These dresses have been brought in for our customers to try on and order from, but the sample can always be sold off the rack in “as is” condition. 

To order a dress off of these samples, you would be receiving a brand new dress that is ordered specifically for you in the size closest to your measurements to minimize how many alterations you will need.

When ordering a dress, we have a minimum deposit of 50% which can help you break up the cost of the dress, especially if funds are tight. As an example: if a dress is $632.80 after taxes, you have the option to pay 50% ($316.40) at the time of purchase, and the remaining 50% when the dress arrives.

How much should I budget?

A healthy budget for a dress is $600 to $700, but we recommend only spending what you are comfortable and able to spend. We see grads come in with varying budgets–everywhere from $300 all the way to $1500. Each year, the average budget seems to change, but, as explained earlier, we try to accommodate every budget. 

If you are working on a tighter budget, we recommend only trying on dresses that have a price that falls within your budget; nothing breaks your heart as much as falling in love with a dress out of budget. 

Too many times we have seen grads try on dresses out of budget and fall in love with them. Just as it breaks your heart that you can’t get the dress you love, it breaks ours too.

Anything else?

Keep in mind you should have a separate budget for alterations. Alterations are an extra cost and are based on what you need done to the dress so it fits you perfectly. This is a service we offer as a convenience to you, but you are not required to have this done by us. We have seen many grads come and go through our doors who have a family member, family-friend, etc. who is able to do their alterations.