We often get asked “Why do I have to take off my shoes?” and “Do you have shoes I can try on with the dress?” and “Why can’t I try shoes on with the dress?”

We hope to answer all your questions surrounding shoes in this post.

Removing your shoes

We often have no clue what dirt we carry on our shoes or if we’ve stepped in something along the way, so we ask everyone to remove their shoes at the front of our store. This is common practice with most designer dress shops. 

We always do our best to lift our dresses off the floor while carrying them to your fitting room, but sometimes the dresses drag on the studio floor. By leaving your shoes at the front of the store, rather than wearing them through the store, any dirt or muck on your shoes is now localized to the foyer. This minimizes dirt on the dresses and on everyone's feet.

Shoes with the dresses

We ask our customers to use the provided pedestal instead of using shoes when trying on dresses. We understand you would like to get an idea of how the dress will look when it is hemmed to the right length, and this is the purpose of our pedestals. 

We also understand you want to know how the dress will look with shoes, and you may hold your shoes next to the dress, but we ask you to wait on wearing your shoes with the dresses. We have seen people fall while wearing shoes with the dress, and even damage and tear the dress lining by stepping the wrong way while in the dress. You may guarantee you’ll be careful, and we understand you will be, but accidents happen and we hope to avoid them where possible. 

We often see our customers go out and buy shoes to go with their dress after finding their dress. After purchasing the dress, and the dress is yours, you are then more than welcome to wear your shoes with your dress. 

Do we carry shoes

We do not carry any shoes for trying on or for purchase. We have a pedestal at each fitting room to stand on while trying on dresses. The purpose of our pedestals is to add height but to keep you standing securely on your feet; this gives you a look at how the dress should hang when the length is properly altered. Our customers most often go shopping for shoes after purchasing their dress. We recommend looking at a shoe store in the area, or local to you. 

When do you need shoes

The only time you will need shoes in our store is when you are deciding on alterations and during an alteration appointment. Both of these times, as well as any follow-up alteration appointment, you will need to have the shoes you will be wearing with your dress.